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Fly Me to the Tomb
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April 2021!
Denise Swanson: Fly Me to the Tomb

Fly Me to the Tomb

A Devereaux's Dime Store Mystery
featuring Devereaux Sinclair

April 2021 from Denise Swanson

When Aaron Burgess is found slumped over the steering wheel of his tractor and rushed to the Underwood Medical Clinic by his friend and business partner Quito Escobar, no one expected that the situation would turn into a homicide investigation. But when it does, newly licensed private investigator Devereaux Sinclair and her fiancé Jake Del Vecchio are hired to find the murderer. Was Aaron a random victim of some psycho killer or was his murder something much much more personal?

Mass Market $7.99
ISBN 978-0-9861017-7-9
E-Book $4.99

Love is in the air of Shadow Bend, Missouri. Dev and Jake are engaged and moving in together. Jake’s ex-wife is working for and dating Dev’s ex-boyfriend. And Jake’s Uncle Tony has been reunited with his first sweetheart, Birdie. It even looks as if Dev’s BFF, Boone St. Onge, has found his special someone.

But romance comes to a screeching halt when a mysterious murder takes place. This puzzle isn’t just whodunnit, but how and why.

With a short list of suspects, Dev and Jake are in a race to figure out the answers before someone else gets planted six feet under.

Praise for Denise Swanson's Devereaux's Dime Store Mysteries:

"Delectable. . . with a plentiful cast of suspects, this was a fast-paced page-turner of a mystery that I couldn't put down." — Jenn McKinlay, New York Times bestselling author of the Cupcake Bakery Mysteries

"[Swanson] is masterful in her storytelling." — RT Book Reviews

"Witty one-liners keep the tone light, and the secrets...will have readers intrigued." — Kings River Life Magazine

"A must-read for fans of humorous cozy mysteries with quirky characters!" — Open Book Society

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Music: Lazy River Waltz for Woodwind Quartet and Piano by
David Stybr (1¼ minutes, © 2002)

The Sun dawns on another slightly out-of-kilter day in Scumble River, Illinois.

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