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  David Stybr: Rosie: ein Walzer für Orchester (6:00)
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David Stybr: Engineer and Composer

It's Left Brain vs. Right Brain: best 2 falls out of 3

Rosie: ein Walzer für Orchester (6:00)

Commentary by Left Brain and Right Brain.

Right Brain: "Inspiration comes from the darndest places. In a nutcase, it truly is Left Brain vs. Right Brain: best 2 falls out of 3. Classical music oughta be fun, so I had a ball composing this."

Left Brain: "Firstly, as my world première concert (see my Theme and Variations in G Minor for Contrabassoon and Orchestra) approached in 2005, the soloist recommended that I create another score for the conductor. Secondly, as Coordinator of the Classical Music SIG (or Special Interest Group) of American Mensa, I researched the history of the waltz for our newsletter. Thirdly, I saw the 1949 film The Third Man by Graham Greene and Sir Carol Reed, set in postwar Vienna."

Right Brain: "Based on these triple inspirations, I rolled up the sleeves of my straitjacket, upgraded my padded cell to a Paderewski cell, and voilà! After an introduction, the big sweet violas play the paradoxically graceful yet somewhat ungainly main theme à la viennoise: it's humorous and sad, radiant and wistful, gracious and heavy, etc."

Left Brain: "Completed in October 2004, this piece has elements of rondo, variation and sonata forms melded with the standard Viennese waltz in A Major, with episodes in its dominant keys of E Major and E Minor. Incidentally, perceptive listeners have noted that the first 9 notes of the flowing main theme are the 8 notes of the A Major scale, plus 1."

Right Brain: "You betcha. Kinda like Spinal Tap, eh? Their amplifiers went up that extra degree to 11, while my scale goes up that extra degree to 9."

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Orchestra / *String Or. Quintets Miscellaneous
Andante Cantabile (5:00) *

Rosie: Walzer für Orch. (6:00)

Scumble River Legend (1:00)

Theme and Vars. in G Minor Contrabassoon & Or. (17:45)

Life and Afterlife: 4 Elegies for Soprano and Orch. (26:30)
I. The Last Time (7:50)
II. Nocturnal Procession (6:00)
III. Dreams (3:30)
IV. Farewell (8:50)
String Quintet No. 2 in B Minor
I. Variation-Sonata (5:00)
II. Andante cantabile (5:00)
III. Intermezzo & Anthem (5:00)
IV. Finale: Allegro (5:00)
Brass Quintet in C Minor
I. Allegro moderato (7:00)
II. Scherzo: Allegro (3:30)
III. Romanze (5:10)
IV. Finale: Allegro (5:10)
& Cortège in A Minor (6:25)
"Bad Boys and Blondes" Bossa Nova for Brass Quintet (1:10)
Ellmenreich: Spinning Song arr. for Brass Quintet (2:00)
Rolling River Rag for Piano (4:10)
Dance of the Three Witches for Organ (1:00)
Wedding Belles for Trumpet, Organ, Glockenspiel and Chimes (1:00)
Tango: Summer Night in Montevideo for Accordion and Piano (3:20)
ContraBassooNova for
Contrabassoon and Piano (3:00)
2 Brazilian Dances for Wind Quintet
Prélude à la Muse (et à l'Amuse): A Passacaglia for Rock Band (3:30)
Händel: Arrival of the Queen of Sheba transcribed for Tuned Percussion (3:30)

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