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  David Stybr: Dance of the Three Witches for Organ (1:00)
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David Stybr: Engineer and Composer

It's Left Brain vs. Right Brain: best 2 falls out of 3

Dance of the Three Witches for Organ (1:00)

Commentary by Left Brain and Right Brain.

Right Brain: " 'Double, double, toil and trouble...' If there are three witches, shouldn't they say 'triple' instead of 'double'? Of course then it wouldn't rhyme, eh?"

Left Brain: "The three witches are represented thrice: the triple meter (actually 6/8), the three staves of music (right hand, left hand and pedal) and the triple counterpoint. The 'double, double' are represented by the clash of two keys with two accidentals each: the home key of G Minor (in two flats: B-Flat and E-Flat) is challenged by the key of B Minor (in two sharps: F-Sharp and C-Sharp). In contrast to the adventurous harmonies and lively polyphony, this short piece is very simple in form: A-A-B-A."

Right Brain: " [Aside] 'Though this be madness, yet there is method in it.' This piece was completed in April 2009 in Nashville, Tennessee."

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