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  David Stybr: Tango: Noche Estival en Montevideo
(Tango: Summer Night in Montevideo) for Accordion and Piano (3:20)
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David Stybr: Engineer and Composer

It's Left Brain vs. Right Brain: best 2 falls out of 3

Tango: Noche Estival en Montevideo
(Tango: Summer Night in Montevideo) for Accordion and Piano (3:20)

Right Brain: "In January 1999, my wife Denise & I explored Chile, Uruguay and Argentina. This Tango recalls a moonlit January summer night on el Río de la Plata, between Montevideo, Uruguay and Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was a joy to visit these beautiful quasi-European countries in southern South America."

Left Brain: "This piece melds tango dance rhythms with modified sonata form: an exposition of a twelve-bar theme (the first two phrases are similar, and the third completes them), a development in free passacaglia form on a rising circle of fifths, and a recapitulation. It has rhythmic and harmonic twists, plus counterpoint. It is a tango in character, but a sonata allegro in form and content."

Right Brain: "So which is it? A tango in sonata form, or a sonata in tango form? Or both?"

Left Brain: "One of my favorite quotations is by French author André Gide. In the preface to his book Préludes, he wrote that 'even if we know what we wish to say, we cannot know whether we have said only that. And what interests me especially is what I have put into my book without my own knowledge...' Gide was interested in the unconscious element in one's creations."

Right Brain: "Oui, Monsieur, like those groovy augmented 2nds in the main theme. The central Interludio quasi una passacaglia lets me fiddle with open strings as the theme rises by 5ths."

Left Brain: "This tango was completed December 2005 in Charlotte, North Carolina — as winter descends on the Northern Hemisphere, but summer shines on the Southern Hemisphere."

Right Brain: "It has nothing to do with the music, but I fondly remember New Year's Day 1999 in Montevideo, especially those torn-up office calendars all over the streets. On New Year's Eve they tear up their old calendars and throw them out the windows like confetti. Then they spray each other with champagne. Of course it's summertime in the Southern Hemisphere, so they can get away with it. Those crazy Uruguayans!"

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