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Sweet and Mysterious
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Denise Swanson: Murder of a Cranky Catnapper

When Scumble River School Psychologist Skye Denison-Boyd adds pet therapy to her counseling repertoire, she draws the ire of an animal-hating school board member. When he's found dead, a clowder of questions are released and Skye finds herself dealing with a killer who isn't pussyfooting around...

Berkley $7.99 * ISBN 978-0-451-47212-0

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Spicy and Romantic
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Denise Swanson: Sinfully Delicious

Take one smoking-hot top chef who thinks food should be a sensual adventure, add a venture capitalist who has struggled with her weight since she was a teenager, and mix well. Is this a recipe that sizzles, or is he just another craving she must resist?

ISBN 978-0-9861017-4-8 $3.99
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